My eyes could not believe my ears!

So this morning I was on my way to a cafe to get my first authentic coffee, to keep the two instant and the cup of tea company. When suddenly but not surprisingly my ear itched. It was not surprising as I suffer with eczema and divots of skin cells peel away from effected patches of my body (of which my ear is one). The surprise came upon the removal of my index finger from out of the aural cavity, when scrutinizing the residue sat on top of the aforementioned  fore finger.Their resting like newly weds spooning, were two sesame seeds. I had not eaten any foods containing sesame seeds for weeks, months. Is that how long they had been there? Even if I had eaten sesame seeds recently I would consider it some what careless to place two in my ear. Have other flora and fauna has also decided to covertly, colonize parts of my body? Is an allotment of assorted vegetables growing out of my arse? Is this an opportunity to become self-sufficient and grow my own food? So many questions and so little time.