The Most Misogynistic Man

I’ve met some guys who don’t like women. These aren’t necessarily guys who don’t like women because they like men, no, these are guys who are physically attracted to women, often both violently and sexually.

Just over two years ago Delhi a student and her date boarded an off service bus with 5 men on board. Her date was beaten whilst she was raped by each of the men in turn, and was then brutally attacked with an iron bar and as a consequence she died from the internal injuries she suffered. No doubt as depraved and horrid a story I’ve heard. But the story doesn’t end there.

Mukesh Singh
One sick and twisted man.

Above is the face of Mr. Mukesh Singh and it’s a face most unremarkable, a face you wouldn’t remember, a face you wouldn’t notice in a crowd. On the outside he looks like any other Indian man, but this is one book you wouldn’t pick by its cover. He was one of the five men convicted of the rape and murder. to which I referred earlier. Under such circumstances it’s not unreasonable for society to expect to see a little remorse, even some contrition. Mr. Singh however is pretty much of the opinion he did nothing wrong, even worse that it was “teaching her a lesson”. It is because of opinions such as this that his membership to the Delhi Speed-dating Directory was later revoked.

Now I don’t agree with the death penalty and up until half an hour ago I thought I never would. Thanks to Mr.Singh I have had my eyes opened and in his case I am an avid advocate of the death penalty, a sentence which he is appealing against. If you feel compelled to get the full story you can click the link below.


There can surely be only one way to resolve such a difficult issue, whose cause has the best pin. I like the pro death penalty pin, sort of infers that there’s a holy virtuousness to the death penalty, and if god says it’s o.k then I’m convinced.



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