Oh Walt! Oh Whittman!

From day to day

Prescription to prescription

Consuming a concoction of chemicals

From tablet to tablet,

Dose to dose

Waiting, hoping that one day will be better

Keeping, sustaining, preventing, enabling and prolonging an existence

What existence? For what purpose?

To absurdly assume a purpose?

To do as Walt wants us to do?

For the sordid crowds do plod around me now

And through the cities of the foolish

flow the endless trains of the faithless

Terminating at the same destination for all of us

A destination that medication puts a little further out of reach

prolonging the path to shuffle off this mortal coil,

to what end do we lengthen our journey, because we can?

Is it the length of the journey or the route that we take?

Is Whittman’s play so truly powerful?

Is it worthy of my verse?

Am I unworthy of his play?