An Ode to Cyberspace

The Smart phones of stupid people

happily using Bluetooth with a black lung

all the time they Facebook

more than books face them.

Forever upgrading their connectivity

and losing the ability to communicate.

Conscientiously updating apps

Whilst the baby screams in the next room

waiting to be fed.

Catching up with virtual friends

inside of a virtual world

Giving birth to virtual children

and leading them to virtual suicide.

How soulless can we become?

Is there an app for this emptiness?

a crack, a patch, a torrent to comfort me?

Let me Google it and find out.

Let me fill in the gaps of my knowledge

whilst I sit here in this chair.

Learning about photosynthesis

in the darkness of my room.

Experiencing love with my pants around my ankles

as nubile Japanese nymphs

simulate sexual pleasures

through the clouds of my cum smeared computer screen.

I need a better connection

to what it means to be human.

Aimlessly wandering through

a digital wasteland

Hoping to StumbleUpon something

that will give my life meaning.

But for as long as we live in this

postmodern, cynical cyber hell,

nothing can change, nothing will change

when the depth of our emotion

can be expressed by clicking ‘like’.